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Strategic Client Solutions (SCS) has over 11 years of direct SSI/SSDI knowledge and experiences in all SSA applications and appeals processes. As disability advocates we have represented countless applicants seeking to obtain SSA disability benefits in the initial, reconsideration, continuing disability review, cessation, administrative law judge appeals and appeals council levels. SCS is well versed in the following areas:


· Examining and analyzing initial disability applications for Title II Social Security Disability Benefits and Title XVI Supplemental Security Income to determine proper jurisdiction; assured appropriate case information documents were completed by the Social Security District Offices.

· Consulted with Social Security District Office personnel in regards to internal problems affecting the adjudicative process, e.g., customer’s work activity, income and resources, date last insured, Veterans Administration requests, establishing field contacts with customers.

· Managed the oversight of large caseloads of initial claims; reviews aged cases for appropriateness of techniques assuring every effort was made to render a decision expeditiously and error free in accordance with state and federal guidelines.


· Initiated correspondence and made contacts with physicians, clinics, hospitals, state institutions, mental health facilities, workshops, Veterans Administration hospitals, employees, attorneys and others to secure appropriate information necessary for rendering of a programmatically defensible decision of allowance or denial of benefits; contacted customers and third party sources to fully develop activities of daily living in order to identify the adverse impact of physical/mental impairment.

· Reviewed and analyzed all medical, technical and specialized information relative to the customer’s alleged disability; evaluated same in light of highly complex technical, medical and statutory rules, regulations and policies of the Social Security Act; upon receipt of medical evidence, reviewed such evidence and determined its adequacy as required by the law applying complex regulations and procedures, e.g., the sequential evaluation approach; determined if a presumptive disability decision could be made or a final decision rendered.

· Authorized consultative examinations and testing in all fields of medicine, psychology and vocational rehabilitation, specific technical laboratory tests and studies to be performed pertinent to determining the extent of customer’s impairment; evaluated adequacy of physician’s report; prepares voucher authorizations for consultative examinations, reviews incoming vouchers from physicians insuring correctness, that proper tests were performed, fees are within fee schedule limitations and proper signatures are affixed.

· Prepared Residual Functional Capacity forms on physical and mental cases.

· Completed Psychiatric Review Technique Forms determining the type of impairment(s) and the degree of limitation imposed on ability to function; prepared childhood disability evaluation forms considering the impact of the impairment(s) and how the child functions as compared to non-impaired children.